How to lose weight. tips from a personal trainer

How to lose weight. tips from a personal trainer

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If you want to lose weight you need to live healthy, eat clean and exercise regularly. Here are some of my top tips to get you fit and healthy to lose weight!

If you are looking to lose weight. Getting started is going to be the hardest. You just have to do it.

Make sure you set out a goal. If your goal is simply to 'Get Fit' make it more specific. Pick goals: lose 10kg, be a size 8, run for 10kms, get a SixPack, get some muscle definition...

Start on SUNDAY, Buy your healthy foods, prepare what exercise you're going to do, and what days you're exercising. Stick to a plan and routine.

Drink lots of water. Your body needs it. Drink your water in a tall glass, it will make you drink more. Cut out all soda, juice, coffee/ tea with milk and sugar, and most importantly ALCOHOL.!

Juice & soda has alot of sugar. Your body will use sugar as a fuel source. So cutting it out will allow your body to use your body fat as fuel resulting it fat loss.

Don't drink alcohol. Or limit it. Your body finds alcohol the easiest to convert to fuel. So if you don't drink alcohol your body will use body fat as fuel resulting in weight loss. YES YES YES

Fitness motivation. Don't complain that you can't lose weight if you don't try. Living healthy is much easier if you make it a habit!

Rethink what your eating. REDUCE EATING & LIMIT EATING - cream, carbohydrates white bread & rice, fried food, take away, sauces. EAT MORE - Chicken,fish,whole grains, vegetables, salads, herbs.

Eat more meals!!! Yes eat 6 small meals instead of 3 large meals. Your body burns calories digesting food. So if you eat more, you trick your body to burn more fuel digesting. Eat every 2-3 hours

When eating food think portion size. Using your fist as a guide for size is a good idea as it is aprox to 1 portion size

Fitness motivation: if you are healthy, you are building a happy healthy body , and that body will thank you later

Exercise motivation. Exercise is hard, but you will get better. It's like when you couldn't ride a bike, skate board or skip. Practice makes perfect.

Buy the following - pedometer ( make sure you are doing a minimum of 10000 steps a day). Yes it sounds alot but you will be surprised what a 60 minute walk will do.

When you start exercising remember the scales will lie. Use body measurements or clothing as a judge to see if you are losing weight. Muscle weighs alot more than fat for its size.

Make excuses to come to the gym. Don't make excuses to not. Exercise is your friend.

When men exercise with a mixed cardio plus lifting weights you will tone down and gain muscle.

If females lift weights & do cardio you will also tone down, get those sexy lines, and lose weight. You will not look like the girl in the red bikini if you lift weight. It's impossible without drugs

The more lean muscle mass we have, the more calories you will burn. This is why for weight loss, lifting weights is very important. Cardio = weight loss. Cardio + weight lifting = faster weight loss

Exercise motivation: enjoying working out, exercise is for life. If you don't enjoy exercising then think of some type of sport you can do. You need to raise you heart rate and start sweating.

Can't make it to the gym do the following. 5burpees, 10push ups, 10squats, 10bent over rows, high knees 30seconds, 10bench dips, 10lunges, 10sit ups, plank 30seconds (complete in a circuit 3 times)

As I have mentioned before. Fitness is for life. Make healthy eating and exercise a habit. It's much easier to gain weight than to lose it

You will never regret your new life. You will just regret not starting sooner

Sounds simple! Is simple!

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