How to make delicious and healthy greek yogurt pancakes

How to make delicious and healthy greek yogurt pancakes

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Here's all you need. (baking soda, egg (or egg whites), flour, and greek yogurt)

Put 6 ounces of greek yogurt into bowl and whisk a bit until creamy.

Add an egg or egg whites of 1 egg.

Mix that together, then add in your baking soda and flour slowly. Mix some more.

The batter will be thick...don't worry.

Optional: Add in whatever you like in pancakes! I used blueberries, almonds, raisins, some vanilla extract, and cinnamon. (you can also add chocolate, other nuts...etc...)

Heat a sprayed down griddle or pan to medium heat and spoon the batter to your desired size onto it. (they fluff up quite a bit)

When it starts to bubble on the top, flip it! These pancakes flip really easily since the batter sticks together really well.

Here's a better flip.

Stack em up, and serve with whatever you want: I added a banana, some more blueberries, and maple syrup + cinnamon. You can add confectioners sugar, butter, whipped cream...etc...

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